Anti-Covid Business

Let’s keep fighting the Covid-19!

As we have all learned from newspapers and television, the Coronavirus continues to be a serious threat to our health.

But the danger unfortunately does not only concern our health: to be under serious threat is also our economy, especially for all small businesses that will soon have to re-close their doors to their customers to comply with the rules of the new government quarantine.

It is not appropriate to discuss whether these rules are right or not: these are things to leave to politicians. As entrepreneurs, small or big, it makes no difference, what we have to ask ourselves is, «What can we do to survive?»

Obviously, the answers to this question are many and depend on the specific characteristics of our business.

We at Webintenerife do not pretend to have the magic wand, but we can certainly offer a valuable tool and concrete help to many traders, self-employed and small businesses.

You have to close your shop?

Open your online store!

Modern technologies allow us to sell our products exclusively through the Internet: any product that can be packed and shipped or delivered directly to your destination.

  • clothing and accessories

  • furniture and furnishings for the home

  • various costume jewelry

  • wines and drinks in general

  • food products

  • stationery

  • books

  • computers and electronics products in general

  • and even more...


We know that many people do not even consider the idea of opening an online store because they imagine prohibitive costs or have perhaps received astronomical quotes. But that’s where Webintenerife comes in with its Zero Investment Plans!

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